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Nestled amid the old growth, in a backdrop of cliffs and huge basalt boulders, the majestic Stone Cliff Inn embodies the true spirit of the Oregon story. A backdrop for the blockbuster movie "TWILIGHT". We are "where the lion fell in love with the lamb" and 4 other scenes in the movie.

Guests bask in the sun on the traditional hand crafted deck, while gazing at the spectacular Clackamas river as it lazily twists its way towards civilization.

Known for its unique, prepared from scratch recipes, The Stone Cliff Inn is where you can find the best that Oregon has to offer. Any day of the week, whether for quick lunch or special dinner, festive laughter is part of the casual, yet sumptuous environment.

Executive Chef Briant Garcia has designed a menu that focuses on the best the Northwest has to offer. Using fresh local ingredients he has created a Northwest Cuisine destination.

Enjoy a glass of wine from our eclectic wine list featuring Oregon and Washington wineries. Stone Cliff Inn offers great food and wine in a truly unique setting. We hope to see you soon!

Until 1917, the town of Carver was named "Stone," a name descriptive of the large boulders and basalt cliff located at the quarry (site of the current restaurant). Although there were other activities in Stone between 1850 and 1900, quarry rock was the main focus of commercial activity. This attention brought settlers and other commercial activity after the turn of the century (see photos on walls of the Fish Hatchery, Post Office, Bank, Creamery, Railroad, Cannery, and of course General Store/Saloon, now the Rock Garden Tavern located directly below the restaurant).

Between 1900 and 1950 the town of Stone was primarily a logging community. There were three sawmills in the area: the Mumpower Sawmill below the bridge, the Pratt Sawmill at the north end of town, and the Harrington Sawmill near the Historical Baker Log Cabin.

Several local families were part of the logging lore so closely tied to the identity of Carver (named for Stephen Carver in 1917, who built a railroad line into Carver to haul logs and passengers). Those families included, for example, the Charriere, Rosenbaum and Alford families. Most of the original settlers still have descendants in the area who have stayed despite the fact that the logging activity has since moved South or East toward Estacada and Molalla.

This restaurant was built by Mike Rosenbaum, son of local logger Lloyd Rosenbaum, to preserve some of Carver's rich history. The building incorporates the two historical themes from Carver from 1850 to 1950: quarry rock and logging. The rock wall bordering the entire restaurant driveway is from the quarry. Likewise, the foundation of the Stone Cliff Inn is basalt rock remnants from the original quarry. The logs on top of the basalt are all Douglas Fir, characteristic of those logs harvested in the Carver area between 1900 and 1950

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